Luxury Lakefront Homes That Stand the Test of Time

Our goal at Northwoods Design & Construction is much more than to just successfully complete the job; we want to create luxury homes on time and on budget that will stand the test of time.

We are proud to provide the best service in the region. We stay up to date on the latest technology and have the equipment to properly complete any job efficiently. Our versatile team can quickly and easily take care of your contracting needs. Call on us if you're looking for the region's best workers who know how to expertly complete a personalized project just for you.


Our specialists are educated in the latest technologies and techniques in the field. 


We have over 25 years of experience building luxury homes.


We tackle projects quickly and guarantee our results.

Behind the Business: How We Got Started

Owner, Jim Cochran looked everywhere for the perfect lakefront home, but nothing was available. In Early 2000, he decided that he was better off building his own home. After the house was completed, he had friends and family over and so many people asked him why he wasn't building homes for a living. It was the trust and recommendations of friends and family that opened the doors for Northwoods Design & Construction. Since then, we have built at least one luxury home per year on word of mouth referrals alone. Every home is pre-sold and built per the specifications of the new homeowner. 

Northwoods Design & Construction takes great pride in providing people with the home of their dreams so we make sure to hand select our subcontractors. Our subcontractors are unlike any other, selected because they are true artists. We choose people who will take the time to turn your home into a work of art and not just because they are there because it a job to be completed and leave. We focus on the details, here to create a work of art that is different than any other cabin.